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Experienced councillor, Steve Sollitt, selected as the Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Havant

Friday 6 February 2015

Havant Liberal Democrats are delighted to announce that at a recent meeting of their members Cllr. Steve Sollitt was chosen to be their Parliamentary candidate for the coming General Election.

45 year old Steve is an experienced councillor in Eastleigh, retaining his seat last year. He also stood as a candidate in the 2014 European elections.  He has worked on the financial side of the NHS for the last 12 years, currently being a Management Accountant in Southampton.

Steve said: "I am delighted to have been chosen to stand in Havant, and I look forward to meeting Havant people. As a Cabinet member on Eastleigh Borough Council for Youth and Social Policy, I will be particularly interested in hearing from younger as well as elderly residents.

I especially welcome the pupil premium now bringing thousands of pounds into local schools, particularly in Leigh Park, enabling head teachers to give extra help to children who need it most. I am also keen to see free school meals now being given to all infant school children, extended in future to all primary school children. This will ensure that every primary pupil gets a healthy meal in the middle of the school day, boosting their education, health as well as saving parents money. None of this would have happened without the Lib Dems being part of the coalition government."

Havant Borough councillor, Faith Ponsonby, welcomed Steve warmly, and said "He will be a strong representative for the Liberal Democrats, speaking up for a stronger economy and a fairer society."

Candidates meet students at South Downs College

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Giles Goodall, one of the Liberal Democrat candidates for Europe, visited South Downs College on Tuesday, with Havant members, where they had been invited by the college to have a display in the Reception Area for students to see what the Lib Dem MEPs have been doing, and with more general information booklets about the EU.

With Cllr. Faith Ponsonby, candidate for re-election in the Battins ward, and Ken Cosslett, Chair of the Local Party, they spoke to students informally around the college over lunchtime. Students were interested in the elections, though many of them were too young to vote this year. Giles and Faith were able to tell them that it has been Lib Dem policy for many years that the age at which people are eligible to vote in elections should be lowered to 16.

Giles said: "It's great that the students are so enthusiastic about Europe. The top three issues they raised were jobs, the right to work and study in the EU, and stopping Ukip. I hope all those who have a vote will use it at this week's elections." You can find out more about Giles on his website:

Vote to re-elect Faith and keep her working for YOU and all residents of Battins ward

Thursday 1 May 2014

Here's what she had to say:

"Dear residents,

It has been a privilege to work for you for nearly 8 years, listening to problems, fighting for more parking places near our Shopping centre, helping to build up the Traders' Association and supporting serveral community ventures, such as the Leigh Park Festival (bigger and better this year). Do come along to some of the super events planned between May 17th and 25th.

I am proud to call so many of you friends. Whatever happens on May 22nd, I am sure we will remain friends for the rest of my life.

There is still much to be done. As both the government and local Council have less money to spend, the community needs to rally round to keep our area a great place to live. For instance, Front Lawn Recreation Ground needs improvements, and I shall be working with the community and Sports Clubs to try to get them done.

Please vote for me to remain on the Borough Council and keep on making things happen.


PS: This year it could be a close election because of national issues. When you cast your vote in the LOCAL election, remember who works hardest for you locally!"

Faith and the Lib Dems are fighting for ordinary people in Leigh Park

  • Faith stands up for local residents on planning applications.
  • Faith successfully battled for free limited-time parking spaces near the shopping centre to help keep local shops going.
  • Faith works with the local Traders’ Association to bring back shoppers to the local shops.
  • Faith supports local residents who have parking issues in their road.
  • Faith fights for Leigh Park both at Council meetings and nationally.

Vote for Ann to work for YOU and all residents of Warren Park

Thursday 1 May 2014

Here's what she had to say:

"Dear residents,

I am delighted to be standing again in the local Council elections as your Liberal Democrat candidate. I have come close to winning before, once only 24 votes away. This year it could be very close. You have had Labour and Conservative councillors recently but this time I hope you will vote for me.

I have lived here for 20 years with my husband, Richard, who was a great support to me when I was in a wheelchair for a while after a fall. When I look out of my window I realise how lucky we are to have such a lovely place to live with so much green.

My aim is to try to keep Warren Park a clean and friendly place to enjoy. I am concerned with local issues which affect us all such as parking, local shops, housing, housing and play space.

As a trustee of Leigh Park Community Centre, working for Leigh Park Good Neighbours and as a churchwarden of St Clare's Church, I already help people in many ways. I care passionately about the community and the area.

Please vote for me - the best LOCAL person to work for you in these LOCAL elections.


PS: Remember, it is likely to be close this year, so every vote will count."

Ann and the Lib Dems are fighting for ordinary people in Leigh Park

  • Ann Brown successfully opposed building more houses on the greens in Warren Park Estate.
  • Ann Brown works to support local groups using the Community centre and worked hard to keep it going during tough times.
  • Ann Brown volunteers with the Good Neighbours team to help people with lifts - she always finds time to help.
  • Ann Brown’s work in the local area led to her being honoured to receive the Maundy money from HM the Queen in 2012.

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