Catherine Billam stands as LibĀ­ Dem candidate for the vacant council seat in Bondfields, West Leigh

Thursday 18 February 2016

Havant businesswoman Catherine Billam is standing as Liberal Democrat candidate for Bondfields ward, West Leigh, Havant, in the Havant Borough Council by­election on 3rd March. The by­election follows the sad death of former Bondfields Councillor Frida Edwards shortly before Christmas.

Lib Dem Cllr, Faith Ponsonby, said "Catherine would make an excellent councillor. She has the expertise and ideas to cope with the pressures on Council services caused by the Conservative Government cuts, and the energy and time to help residents and build the community."

Catherine said "I've known Havant and Havant people all my life. As a local resident I want Havant to be a great place to live, work and relax. For that to happen there has to be good housing, parking, transport, jobs, shops and social amenities. It's great that we're getting more housing and more business in the centre of Havant, but these put pressure on parking and other services. I believe we need a parking policy that balances the needs of visitors with residents and people who work here.

"Bondfields ward, West Leigh, hasn't got its own Community Centre. Residents have told me that they would love to have one and I agree we should have one.

Green issues are important to me. I have an allotment in Durrant's Road, and I'm keen to see Havant improve its recycling rate. In particular I’d like to see kerbside glass collection. East Hampshire has it, so it should be possible for us.

I've worked as a management consultant in London for Ernst & Young and now run my own company, so I know how to manage change and make things happen. I'd love to have the chance to work on behalf of the people of Havant as a Borough Councillor."

Catherine grew up locally and attended Wakeford's School (now Havant Academy) and afterwards Havant College. As a management consultant she worked for Ernst & Young, where she specialised in change management. She was Head of human resources for AST Europe Ltd and she worked for BP Information Systems Services in business analysis, marketing, and finance.

Catherine has an MSc in Organisation Development from Sheffield Business School, a BA (Hons) in Economic and Social Studies from University of Manchester and is a qualified coach. She has sailed the Atlantic in a 32-foot yacht and is qualified as a Scuba Dive Master. Aged 54, Catherine lives in Havant with her partner, writer and journalist Richard Milton.

Catherine can be contacted via email at