WE HAVE LIFT OFF! Hampshire County Council (HCC) Elections Campaign Launch

Thursday 13 April 2017

On Friday 7th April Havant Liberal Democrats officially launched their 2017 HCC election campaign.

At the Campaign Launch Party, held in Emsworth, candidates were joined by party members and supporters. Paul Gray, Chair of the Campaign Committee and candidate for the Hayling Island division, opened the evening reflecting on the lows and highs of the previous 12 months.

Despite the disappointing results at last year's Havant Borough Council elections and the outcome of the EU Referendum there have been plenty of positives for the Liberal Democrats. Membership of the party both nationally and locally has seen a large increase; national membership recently exceeded 87,000 - the highest it's been this Century. Since 6th May 2016 the Liberal Democrats have a net gain of 33 District and County seats at by-elections across the country, far more than any other party.

From a local perspective there is a really positive vibe amongst party activists, buoyed by support from our friends and colleagues from Portsmouth who have been a tremendous help. Philippa Gray, standing in North West Havant, urged everyone to keep up the momentum locally: it's time for change at HCC and with your help we can deliver it.

Your local Lib Dem candidates on May 4 are:

We need your help please.

There are many ways of getting involved in our campaign:

Share the Vibe

Tell your friends, neighbours, visitors and those passing your property about all the great things happening with the Liberal Democrats (e.g. by-election wins across the country, our stance on Brexit and the increase in membership to over 87,000 the highest this century). There’s nothing more powerful than a word-of-mouth endorsement from someone you trust. You could also put a poster in your window or put up a stake board outside your property.

Social Media

We are very active on Facebook and Twitter and we expect this to pick up as election day approaches. The more ‘likes’ and re-tweets our posts get the better. Also, keep our accounts copied in on your own social media posts so that we can share those too!

Financial Donation

Make a financial donation to the campaign – if you’d like to make a donation to the Havant Liberal Democrats election campaign you can do so from the Join / Help page on our website. Alternatively, if you’d rather write a cheque or send cash please contact Keith Gulliver and he’ll send you details on how to do that.

We have lift off! Now let's get to our destination!