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Every day Liberal Democrats are making progress across the country. What we lack, however, is funding from vested interests such as corporate entities and trade unions. To continue our good work, we need your support. Help promote our vision of an Open, Tolerant, and United Britain by donating today using the button on the right. It's that simple!

Join the Liberal Democrats

If you are in broad agreement with the aims and principles of the party then why not become a paid-up member? Membership income makes sure the party is financially secure to keep working for our area!

You are not expected to become active unless you want to be, but you will be kept up to date with what the party is doing, influence and vote on local and national policies and choose your party officers and election candidates. You will also be joining a fellowship of like-minded people committed to a fairer, safer and greener society. The recommended subscription is £62 per year with a minimum of £12 or £6 for youth and student members or anyone else receiving or entitled to benefit payments.

For more information or to join, please contact local membership secretary, Jane Briggs, on 023 92452164 or via the contact us page. Alternatively, you can contact the national party's membership office on 020 7222 7999 or

Get Involved with Havant Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats rely on local residents to help achieve success in the area. There are many different ways in which you can get involved:

FOCUS leafletsHelp to deliver leaflets - The Liberal Democrats believe that keeping in touch with the local community and asking for their feedback is crucial in representing the area effectively. Our very popular FOCUS leaflets are delivered by volunteers who support the party, and this requires a commitment of about an hour of your time about once per month.

Display a Poster at Election Time - Posters are an important reminder to local residents that an election is running and that there is strong support for the Liberal Democrats. More posters equal more votes for the Lib Dems. The best posters are those on a stick in the front garden or in your front window.

Ballot BoxHelp on Polling Day - It's often the case that people who cannot give time regularly can help out on polling day. There are lots of jobs to be done, ranging from telling at a polling station, knocking on the doors of Liberal Democrat supporters or phoning to remind them to go and vote.

Join the Supporters' Club - Help with funds and win a prize!

Why Join? You can help contribute to Havant Liberal Democrats' election fighting fund, plus you might win a prize - half the income goes to local party funds, whilst the other half is given out in prizes!

What Can I Win? This depends on how many tickets are sold. Currently we have sold over 120 tickets.

Tickets Sold 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize
Over 120 £40 £10 £10
Over 140 £45 £15 £10
Over 160 £50 £20 £10


How Much Will It Cost? Entry costs just £1 per ticket for each monthly draw, and you can buy as many as you like.

How Do I Join? Get in touch via the contact us page.