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Council Plans for Local Development

Sunday 17 November 2013

Following consultation earlier this year, the plans for where much-needed new homes might be built in the Borough will be going forward to the Planning Inspector who will hold a Public Enquiry next Spring. In Battins ward, housing could go on Trosnant field, between the school and Blendworth Crescent, and also at the end of Holybourne Road.

There will also be an exhibition of proposed improvements to Dunsbury Way in the Leigh Park Community Centre from November 25th - 29th. On 26th November from 2 - 4 pm and 28th November from 11 am - 2 pm, the Design Team will be available to speak to, but comments on the proposals can be left at any time.

Meanwhile work has finally started on the site of the old Cricketers’ Pub, on Riders Lane.

Nearly £2 million for Leigh Park schools

Tuesday 12 November 2013

Thanks to the Lib Dems in government, Leigh Park schools have been granted more than £1.75 million in Pupil Premium, which helps children from more deprived families have a better chance in education. Cllr Faith Ponsonby, a Governor at Park Community School, said: “Already extra staff are being employed in schools throughout Leigh Park. Schools will need to show how children have benefitted, but are free to choose how the extra money will be spent.”

Next academic year even more money will be pumped in to help children in Primary schools. As well, another long-held policy of the Liberal Democrats will start next Autumn, when children in the Infant classes will all receive free school meals. This has been shown to help children concentrate on their lessons, as well as improving health.

Councillor completes Great South Run

Monday 4 November 2013

After steady training over the summer, Faith finished the Great South Run in the teeth of a 50 mph gale - the first time she had undertaken such a challenge!

“Many people told me I was mad to undertake this, at my age, and still overweight, but I really wanted to do it to prove to myself that I am now fitter than I have been in the last 35 years. Training for the Run made me get off the couch to exercise. Losing weight has been difficult, undoing the habits of a lifetime, but I feel so much better for doing it. I really want to live to see my grandchildren become adults. Heart disease seems to run in my family... only last Sunday, I heard that my older brother has been rushed into hospital after a heart attack. I know it is within my power by sensible eating and exercise to avoid – or at least postpone – this being my fate.”

She was raising money for the local youth counselling service, Off the Record, and also for the national charity, SANDS, which supports families following a stillbirth or neonatal death, and helps research. Faith’s 3rd granddaughter, Lily, was stillborn in February 2011, so she knows the heartbreak. Faith told Focus: “Following cuts in the grant from the Tory Council, Off the Record has been struggling to keep going. I am thrilled that many friends and local residents have helped me raise over £400 for them, as well as over £600 for SANDS - it was well worth all the blisters!”

Faith Ponsonby Completing the Great South Run

Massive Swing to Lib Dems

Friday 1 November 2013

Waterloo ward Lib Dems surged to second place, only 140 votes behind the Tories in the by-election held at the end of October. The Labour vote collapsed to 8%. David Crichton, the Lib Dem candidate said “Voters know I work hard for the community, and next year I hope to come first!”

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