Annie Martin - Battins & North East Havant

Annie Martin is standing as the Havant Borough Council Liberal Democrat candidate in Battins and as the Hampshire County Council Liberal Democrat candidate in North East Havant. 

Over 20 years ago when I moved from London to Leigh Park, Park Parade was always busy it seemed with market days or people using the choice of banks or a building society; or going to an event at the Community Centre. There were plenty of shops for all needs so people did not need to travel into Havant.

I have always thought it important to be involved in your local community; to contribute to it in a positive way. Over the years I have been privileged to serve community meals, Christmas being my favourite time to do this. I have enjoyed supporting learning, running ‘Choices’ course for young adults. I have been a part of various youth groups and holiday clubs I have experienced many different activities such as handling snakes and reptiles (including 13ft Python!) to Fun Days, Fetes, car boot/table top sales. Even riding on  a Camel in the Warren during a community Nativity play!  Back in 2008 I could not have been prouder, feeling truly part of the community as I travelled with other local people to both Anfield (Liverpool) and Wembley to support our local football Clubs Havant & Waterlooville and Pompey respectively.

Through the years we have sadly seen local shops, services (in particular those for our young people aged 12-24) disappear from our local area. Voluntary projects are becoming more and more the mainstay for our families in times of need; or just to enable us to maintain a basic standard of life. Covid 19 has bought further pain and hardships to our area with many of us suffering personal loss, financial loss or a sharp declines in our health may it be physical or mental.

I have seen an increase in the generosity, kindness ,compassion, ingenuity and genuine care and concern from local people for local people; looking out for neighbours or befriending and working with each other or others in co operation to understand each other’s concerns and needs . I believe these to be core strengths of our unique and diverse community.

I believe in building on these strengths for a better community.   I would like to help local shops and businesses get back on their feet after all these lockdowns, as well as encouraging community events to give us some much-needed fun.  I want to help Cllr Jo Lowe stand up for residents on the Borough Council.   I know that all lives matter, and want to see fairness and justice for all, especially in giving our children a better chance in life, and helping those with mental or physical problems.

Believe in Better. Vote Liberal Democrat on 6th May.

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