Beach Back Better: Let's end the shingles shambles!

For far too long our wonderful natural resource that is our coastline has been treated by Conservatives, not as an asset but a problem.

All that MUST change.

In Lib Dem run councils across Britain, local amenities are being used to help communities to thrive, bringing in much-needed tourist revenue through both the public and private sectors and even helping to reduce council tax.

We need to change the mentality which sees problems instead of opportunities. We need to begin to utilise what we have all around us. The existing culture, which is little more than one of accepting and managing decline, has to be reversed.

Our beaches and our Billy Trail are coastal gems and it is high time we began to recognise them as such. A long-term solution to the annual migration of shingle, which sees it shift with the tide from the east of the island to the west, has to be found. The current Conservative formula will never see our beaches protected properly, reinforcing the wider Conservative mentality of managing decline.

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