Waterloo - Bradley Stuart-James

Bradley Stuart-James is standing as the Havant Borough Council Liberal Democrat candidate in Waterloo.

I am a Liberal Democrat because we are a party that takes pride in serving our communities and demands that inclusivity and individual freedom take priority in all walks of life.

Furthermore, the Liberal Democrats can deliver a green agenda to combat the effects of climate change, without damaging the economy and restricting individual liberty. The last few years have proven that climate change is one of the biggest challenges the human race as a whole faces. I believe that on a local government scale, we can embrace a more caring Capitalism and combine its benefits with a green agenda to create jobs and save our planet.

This belief means investment in parks and open spaces, in order to maintain the environmental, social and health benefits that it brings.  I would also encourage any pressure on energy companies to produce green, renewable energy, such as wind and water power.

Furthermore, the investment in local tourism, as an ever-hotter climate will boost demand for outdoor leisure facilities. These actions are deliverable by local government and that is why electing Liberal Democrat councillors is so important. A proven track record of environmentalism and standing up for the local community against big government.

Believe in Better. Vote Liberal Democrat on 5th May.

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