Building Back Business Better for Hayling

Hayling Island Lib Dem campaigners Paul Gray and Wilf Forrow, mirroring Lib Dem policy all across the country, want to make fundamental changes to the sometimes-crippling costs incurred in the form of business rates.

Longer-term, Paul and Wilf want to see the responsibility for business rates shifted away from business owners but, also recognising the need for immediate help, they are advocating a 2021 business rates holiday for local businesses struggling to recover from the pandemic.

Paul said:

“With so many local businesses deeply dependant on a successful 2021 in order to survive and thrive, kicking the problem into the long grass simply isn’t an option.

“And yet it seems to be the option many now want to take, acting as if the passing of the pandemic means the passing of any problems. Local business owners overwhelmingly disagree.”

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