Chancellor has made some unforgivable political choices

Responding to the Chancellor's Spending Review, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey said:

"With the economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic, the Chancellor needed to ensure today that no one is left behind. That was the litmus test, and he has failed.

"Far from a radically new approach to the recovery that tackles deep-seated inequality and builds a new green economy, we have a Government that is failing to support carers, children living in poverty and everyone in need of mental health services.”

“The Chancellor has also made some unforgivable political choices today. He has chosen to continue to ignore people excluded from support and chosen to reject calls to properly extend furlough, leaving too many people facing unemployment. People deserve better.”


Paul Gray, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for the Havant Borough, added: 


"The government will try to pass this off as economic prudence. It is anything but. At a time when the economy needs a very healthy kick start, the idea of leaving people without spending power is completely contrary to what is needed. Leaving people in hardship doesn't cause an economic bounce back, quite the opposite." 


"Instead of giving billions to their friends in dodgy Covid contracts, it would be nice to see that money actually spent on the people of this country. We are enduring a global pandemic and the Conservatives are using it as an opportunity to line their friends pockets. It is corruption in plain sight." 

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