Govt must apply same human rights standards to US when it comes to exports

Responding to reports that the UK will continue to export tear gas and rubber bullets to the US despite continued use of force against protesters, Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs spokesperson Alistair Carmichael said:

"From the use of gas and rubber bullets against peaceful protesters, to the arrest of over 70 journalists, it is clear that there are serious ongoing questions regarding the use of this equipment in the United States.

"The UK must ensure that human rights are upheld and protected. Supplying tear gas to those who use it inappropriately is unacceptable. It's appalling that Boris Johnson's Government have given the green light to continued exports.

"The UK must apply the same standards to the US as we would expect from any other trading partner. The Government must make the review into these sales public. It is unconscionable that the UK could be supplying tear gas where it may be used to violate basic human rights."

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