Integrated Review: Govt putting economic ties before human rights

Responding to the Government's Integrated Review, published today, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Foreign Affairs Layla Moran MP commented:

“This Integrated Review slashes support to the world’s poorest and puts economic ties before human rights in China, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere.

“The UK’s development spending represents the best of British values. During a global pandemic, none of us are safe until everyone is. Reneging on the commitment to retain 0.7% of GNI is a short-sighted mistake that will hit the world’s poorest the hardest – promising it will be ‘temporary’ are weasel words. We need a cast-iron guarantee and roadmap that will see this unlawful cut restored next year and if it won’t, for the Government to bring the permanent cut to vote.

“The UK should be showing leadership. Instead, the Government is putting short-term gain and political posturing before our values as a country. The Prime Minister must rescue our global reputation by sticking to our commitments on aid and always putting human rights first no matter where they are under threat.”

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