Isabel Harrison - Bondfields

Isabel Harrison is standing as the Havant Borough Council Liberal Democrat candidate in Bondfields.

I am standing for councillor of Bondfields Ward as a Liberal Democrat because I believe in the joint principles of individual liberty, inclusivity and creating a more caring society. The problems of today must be challenged head-on through a more caring capitalism that aims to strike a balance between economic growth and mutual aid in society.  

Whether the issue at hand is tackling our housing crisis by pushing local councils to introduce affordable housing, the environmental crisis and the need to maintain our parks and green spaces, or simply encouraging good mental health by supporting young people through youth service workers, I am passionate about seeing this community prosper. 

As we recover from the pandemic, we feel those unsung heroes who have done so much need more focus in the future. Too many people in our society do invaluable work which flies under the radar. That's why as a party we're so keen to promote our 'caring for carers' campaign, which highlights just that.  And it's ideas like this which I believe means the Liberal Democrats have a key role to play in the future around our area, if that is, we want a more compassionate, more caring society as we build back Britain better than before.

Believe in Better. Vote Liberal Democrat on 6th May.
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