Lib Dems respond to ITV ruling

This evening, outside the Royal Courts of Justice, Liberal Democrat President Sal Brinton responded to the ruling on the legal challenge over the ITV debates:

"The Liberal Democrats' position in this election and that of our leader is unique: Jo Swinson is the only leader of a national party fighting to stop brexit.
Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn should not be allowed to sidestep debating the issue of Brexit with someone who wants to remain, and ITV should not give them the opportunity to do so.
That is why this is an incredibly disappointing verdict. Not just for the Liberal Democrats but also for democracy in this country, and for every remainer who deserves to have a voice in this debate.
It is worrying that the Ofcom guidance allows TV Executives, not the voters, to decide whether the biggest issues of the day are debated openly in the ITV Debate.
This campaign is undeniably dominated by Brexit, the single biggest issue for our country, perhaps in the last 75 years.
Both Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn are determined to drag this country down in the name of Brexit.
This law needs to change. ITV needs to change.
Jo Swinson and the Liberal Democrats brought this court case because our politics needs to change too.
Televised debates between political party leaders should be framed in stronger legislation.
But more than that, our democracy should not be in the hands of invisible corporate structures, and arrangements for such debates should always be accessible and transparent.
We will not set our principles aside, we will continue this fight.
Not just for this General Election, but for our future democracy too."

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