Jane Briggs - Emsworth & St Faiths and Emsworth

Jane Briggs is standing as the Havant Borough Council Liberal Democrat candidate in Emsworth and as the Hampshire County Council Liberal Democrat candidate in Emsworth & St Faiths. 

I am delighted to stand as a Liberal Democrat candidate and to provide an opportunity for local people to choose a councillor who will support local people on local issues.

If you elect me as your councillor I will fight for the promises made by the Borough and County Councils to be implemented and for a better deal for local residents.

Over 10 years ago the Borough and County Councils promised Havant and Emsworth residents that a health and community campus with a nursing home and extra care flats would be built on Oak Park. Instead, we have an empty neglected site with the Victoria Cottage Hospital in Emsworth and the Havant War Memorial Hospital closed but not yet replaced.

The green spaces across St Faiths and Emsworth are continually under pressure from developers and, as recently seen with Long Copse Lane, it is essential that local residents once again have a Councillor who will argue for the surrounding green spaces and the issues that matter to local residents including the need for affordable housing built in the right places.

The last year has seen many jobs lost in Emsworth and Havant and we need our Councils to attract businesses back into the local shops and industrial estates but these new jobs need to be properly paid, permanent jobs, not zero-hours contracts.

As I have lived with my family in Havant Borough for over 20 years I know the area and it is important to me that residents get the best possible support from their Councillors and Councils. 

Believe in Better. Vote Liberal Democrat on 6th May.

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