John Jones - Warren Park

John Jones is standing as the Havant Borough Council Liberal Democrat candidate in Warren Park.
My name is John Jones and I have been living in Warren Park for around 8 years in total. In that time, I have seen many things that need to change in the area. 
First and foremost, I want to work with the police to find a safe place for all the off-road motorbikes to be used safely. I want to help local people feel more engaged with the council on all levels and to do that, If I am elected as your representative for Warren Park, I would make sure there is a monthly newsletter explaining what we are doing in the area to improve things for ordinary people. Also, I'll be pushing to get the street lights turned back on in all areas.
I will be there for you, all the people of Warren Park, no matter the issue.
Believe in Better. Vote Liberal Democrat on 6th May.
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