Johnson government would undermine the rule of law

The Liberal Democrats have warned that a Boris Johnson government would undermine the rule of law.

The Conservative manifesto promises to “look at the broader aspects of our constitution: the relationship between the Government, Parliament and the courts” and to ensure that judicial review “is not abused to conduct politics by another means or to create needless delays.”

Issuing the warning, Liberal Democrat Shadow Home Secretary Christine Jardine said:

“The Conservatives’ manifesto pledge to restrict people’s ability to hold the government to account through the courts is a clear and chilling threat to the rule of law.

“Boris Johnson has already demonstrated that he is willing to undermine the rule of law to serve his own interests. He unlawfully shut down democracy in September in an attempt to crash the UK out of the EU.

“Thankfully we were able to stop Johnson in the Supreme Court, but his petulant response has been to attack the court’s ruling and try to undermine it in the future.

“These are the actions of a despot, not someone fit to be our Prime Minister of a democratic country.

“Liberal Democrats will always stand up for the rule of law, which is fundamental to a functioning democracy. We are the only party that can take seats of the Conservatives and stop Boris Johnson winning a majority.”

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