Tories' Brexit deal would be a knockout blow to Northern Irish economy

Responding to leaked documents that reveal the Conservative government's Northern Ireland Protocol plans, Liberal Democrat Shadow Brexit Secretary Tom Brake said:

"Boris Johnson has been caught lying to the British public once again. These documents confirm that his “great” Brexit deal would be in fact a knockout blow to the economy of Northern Ireland." 

"This is proof that the Conservatives just see Brexit as a political game, no matter the cost. Boris Johnson doesn’t care about other people’s jobs, he only cares about keeping his own."

"The Tories knows that their Brexit deal will devastate the economy. By their own estimate, 98% of Northern Irish exporters are “likely to struggle to bear this cost”. Many of these are small, local businesses who form the backbone of our communities and our economy."
"Any form of Brexit will be disruptive to jobs, the economy, and our security. A Liberal Democrat government will stop Brexit and invest the £50 billion Remain bonus in building a brighter future."

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