Benefits of UK-US trade deal pale in comparison to cost of Brexit

Responding to analysis suggesting a US-UK trade deal will boost UK GDP by less than 0.2%, Sarah Olney, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for International Trade said:

“Boris Johnson has repeatedly claimed that negative impacts of Brexit will pale in comparison to the benefits. But today’s analysis is clear: the gains from the best-case trade deal with Donald Trump will not come close to outweighing what we expect to lose from leaving the EU.
“The situation will be even more catastrophic if Boris Johnson sends the UK careering off a no-deal cliff edge, thanks to his self-imposed June deadline for talks. It is astounding that the Prime Minister is seemingly hellbent on risking UK prosperity.
“Liberal Democrats will continue to fight against the PM’s damaging hard Brexit plans. We will continue to push for what is in the national interest - the closest possible relationship with the EU.”

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