Lib Dems call for action on energy bills

Ed Davey, Acting Leader of the Liberal Democrats, has today written to the government and the CEO of OFGEM, the energy regulator, to raise concerns about customers relying on prepaid electricity and gas meters.

The former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change outlined in his letter the risk that individuals living alone who rely on prepaid meters, will be left “unable to heat their homes, or forced to go out whilst unwell, jeopardising the health of others”.

Speaking on this issue Ed Davey said:

“Over 4 million UK households rely on prepaid electricity and gas meters. Of those, an untold number have no option to top up online. Instead they have to go in-store to buy additional credit to light and heat their home.

“Given the severity of the crisis we are now facing, and the vital need for people to take social distancing seriously, there is an imperative on government and on energy companies to ensure that customers are not held to ransom for bills they cannot realistically pay. No customer should face being cut off as a result of a situation that is way beyond their control.

“I am calling on Ministers and leaders in the sector to introduce whatever flexibility is needed to prevent any customers being cut off, and to ensure no one is left without heat or light in the face of this unprecedented pandemic. Government must step in to protect those who are vulnerable. It must take decisive action now.”

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