Lib Dems condemn Govt for "destroying" UK reputation on the world stage

Responding to comments from the Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis that the proposed Northern Ireland customs rules legislation will “break international law”, Liberal Democrat Northern Ireland Spokesperson Alistair Carmichael said: 

“The UK Government should focus on making laws, not breaking laws. But the Northern Ireland Secretary's admission that the Conservative Government stands ready to break international law shows just how far we have fallen under Boris Johnson.

“His Government are tearing up the UK's proud history of promoting the rule of law and in the process destroying our reputation on the world stage. It is unforgivable.

"The Liberal Democrats unequivocally condemn this reckless approach."


Paul Gray, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Havant, added: 


"We need to be honest, as a nation, and recognise the Conservatives are now even prepared to wreck the reputation of this great country in pursuit of their Brexit fantasy. They seem genuinely incapable of understanding that "take back control" was never going to mean dictating anything to anyone. Much to my dismay at the time, when the slogans were in full effect, Brexit was sold to the British public as "the easiest deal in history." As was always inevitable, it now more resembles a national self destruction project.  


Either you respect international law or you are a rogue state. A great nation which helped create the international rule book has reduced itself to being an ill disciplined, spoilt child.  It is a national humiliation which all Britons should feel deeply ashamed of. This is not the internationally respected Great Britain I know and love. In just a few short years the Conservatives have dragged Britain into the gutter." 

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