Lib Dems demand police investigate Russian school laptop scandal

Responding to reports that school laptops, supplied by the Department for Education were infected with computer viruses and tried to connect to Russian servers, Liberal Democrat Educations Spokesperson Daisy Cooper MP has called for the police to investigate

Daisy Cooper MP said: 

“These revelations are absolutely shocking and raise serious issues around safeguarding children and national security. 


"People will be incensed and horrified to think that anyone could have had access to the laptop cameras, social media profiles and countless details of any number of children. 


"The Secretary of State for Education must make himself and his department available for immediate police investigation to ensure that the safety and security of our children has not been put at risk.  


"With mounting evidence that the Government’s approach to awarding contracts has been littered with a lack of transparency, errors and potential conflicts of interest, the government must come clean about how it’s spending public money, and to what extent it has threatened our children’s and national security."

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