Lib Dems: Police need urgent clarity on lockdown laws

Responding to the news that Police will issue fines to coronavirus rule breakers after one warning, Liberal Democrat spokesperson on Home Affairs Alistair Carmichael said:

“The police need urgent clarity on lockdown laws so that they can police this pandemic effectively. They have a vital role, but they can only do their job properly with clear guidance on what is legal and what isn’t.


“If the public are treated in an unjust way, there will be more rule breaches and COVID will continue to rise. The Government must make sure everyone, public and police, can clearly understand the law.”


“Like everyone on the frontline of this crisis, the police are doing an incredibly difficult job in extremely challenging circumstances. Now, as always, they need the consent and cooperation of the public, and support from the Government.”


“The Covid pandemic is taking an enormous toll and the priority has to be keeping people safe. It is essential that everyone follows the law, and most people want to do the right thing to stop the spread of the virus.”

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