Our Havant team

Our Havant Borough team comprises dozens of members, coordinated by a core Executive committee.  Here are some of them!

Havant team

For 2020 the Executive committee comprises :

  • Chair: Jane Briggs
  • Vice Chair: Keith Gulliver
  • Secretary: Jaane Rowehl
  • Treasurer: Philippa Gray
  • Membership Development Officer: Paul Tansom, with support from Faith Ponsonby
  • Youth Development Officer: Bradley Stuart-James
  • Data Officer: Greg Pearson
  • Communications Manager: Izzy Fletcher
  • Diversity Lead: Vacancy
  • Head of Campaigns: Paul Gray
  • Co-opted Members: David Crichton, Faith Ponsonby, Sharon Bracher, Wilf Forrow
  • Havant Borough Councillor: Jo Lowe

Executive members’ terms run from January 1st 2020 to December 31st 2020.

We are always looking for ideas.  If you would like to get involved, please contact us!


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