Paul Gray - Hayling West & Hayling

Paul Gray is standing as the Havant Borough Council Liberal Democrat candidate in Hayling West and as the Hampshire County Council Liberal Democrat candidate in Hayling. 

Paul Gray grew up on Hayling and is passionate about his hometown. His mantra for our island is “New resources before new residents”. 

 The plan to build thousands of new homes MUST be stopped and there MUST be a plan to improve local services and infrastructure - our little island is doomed under current Tory plans for expansion.

Paul has consistently campaigned against the Tory cuts to services – his petition against reducing the number of Police on Hayling was signed by thousands of people and delivered to Alan Mak MP – who promptly chose to ignore the campaign.

Paul believes that Hayling is a very special place and that its biggest natural resource (our beautiful beaches) needs more protection and better management. He campaigns for strict environmental planning and supports clean water projects such as Citizens Against Sewage. 

He believes there should be sensible parking charges for overnight vans at the West Beach and investment in better services for beach users.

Paul is Chair of the Hayling Ferry Trust and is committed to keeping The Ferry as a viable transport link. He also wants to see more cycle routes and is pro-bike.

Since the Tory-led council decided to outsource services to Norse, Paul believes they are not meeting Islander’s very reasonable expectations. Our footpaths are overgrown, our bins are overflowing and nobody is listening. The contract with Norse must be reviewed – Norse is putting profit before people, with 50% of the profit going to the people of Norfolk rather than the people of Hayling. 

As a councillor, Paul would be committed to open government – in particular being 100% open about how your Council Tax is spent.

Believe in Better. Vote Liberal Democrat on 6th May.

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