Hayling West - Paul Gray

Paul lives on the island, grew up on the island, and is passionate about the island. Quite simply, for Paul, Hayling is and always has been home.

Housing Policy –

Attempts to build thousands of new homes MUST be stopped and there MUST be a proper plan to improve local services and infrastructure - our little island is doomed under current Conservative plans for expansion.

I strongly agree that the need for more housing in Britain is chronic and want to actively work to find better solutions which don’t involve yet more development on a location surrounded by water. An island has an undeniable natural barrier to expansion: the sea. It is absurd then to think the solution to the housing crisis involves places such as our island.

But we cannot be nimbyist about this; we must be, and I intend to be, part of the solution. In the end, if we don’t help solve the problem, the problem will end up with us. We can’t object forever without offering a better way forward, and I intend to be part of that better way forward, relieving the strain on our island.   

Incompetence –

Recognising the unsuitability of the Conservatives’ local plan for development, the planning inspectors’ report said the plan was unsound and not legally compliant.

With an almost total monopoly of the council, standards inevitably fall. "An undesirable plan deemed unsound and not legally compliant" is the evidence. We all lose.

We can only expect to see an improvement when we elect someone to hold them to account. Monopoly breeds incompetence. Accountability breeds credibility. 

Sewage -

Our Island is being damaged. Our water is being polluted with human excrement.

The Conservatives have not prevented this. In many cases they have defended it. Some have even defended it by telling you it keeps costs down.

The Liberal Democrats on Hayling began highlighting the damage being done some years ago, with our SOS (Save our Seas) campaign. I’m urging residents to get behind me in these local elections to take that message forward, and to enable us to get to work saving our surroundings.

Solution -



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