PM has failed the whole country

Responding to the Prime Minister's announcement of new coronavirus guidelines, Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey said:

“People across this country have endured terrible hardships over the past six months, losing loved ones, losing livelihoods and isolating from friends and family. That’s why people are so angry to see their hard work and sacrifices utterly wasted by the incompetence of Boris Johnson.

“The priority now has to be keeping people safe and ensuring no one is left behind. Boris Johnson must get testing, tracing and isolating right, and provide proper economic support to save jobs and livelihoods. If the Government does not do more to help, it risks pushing millions of families into poverty.”


Paul Gray, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Havant, added: 


"Yet again we see this government has failed to heed months of warnings. Instead of taking the tough decisions, we have seen a yo-yo approach devoid of any longer term strategy. It is 'government by gut instinct' and a desire to be immediately popular, not to save lives and the economy."


"I would urge all local residents to be mindful of the situation in some cities and, thinking back to how we saw it spread to our area back in the spring, remember your mask and social distancing. We all need to be aware that personal freedom doesn't give us the right to be irresponsible with other people's lives. Their liberty is not ours to throw away. We all need to be looking after one another, not infecting one another. Let's try to keep our part of England out of the headlines and out of lockdown."

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