Rishi’s Many Cracks

Budget crushes hopes of small businesses and leaves the backbone of our economy on the brink

From beauticians to launderettes, florists to café owners - small businesses in our communities and the millions who depend on them are left looking over a cliff-edge. The Chancellor had the opportunity to save them today, but instead he fell far short of what is needed.

Speaking personally for a moment, with many friends suffering while others fair far better, it looks like nothing more than a lottery. Whilst many of us have been fortunate enough to benefit from the furlough scheme, it seems there are so many cracks that it is just a matter of luck if you manage to avoid one.

What is so disappointing is the hit to small local businesses. It seems huge multinationals will be allowed to continue to act with impunity while many sole traders, who are simply trying to scratch by, are being left to rot.

Building Britain back better means providing a fair playing field for small businesses. Unfortunately, that’s precisely what is not happening. 

And what about the children?

  • What happened to extending free school meals?
  • Where are the assurances and certainty nurseries need?
  • Where is the additional money desperately needed for school to reopen SAFELY?


This is a huge betrayal of pupils, parents and teachers by a government whose handling of the pandemic has wreaked havoc on their lives for a year and is now failing to invest in their future.

Never forget, despite being a highly developed and proud nation, under this government we have recorded one of the highest death rates in the world, significantly higher than the vast majority of European, Asian and African nations.

Paul Gray – Havant Liberal Democrats

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