Tories must wake up to reality and do the right thing on Free School Meals

Responding to comments from the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, speaking on today's Andrew Marr show, suggesting that the Government will not change its position on Free School Meals, Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson Daisy Cooper MP said:

“Tory Ministers must stop defending the indefensible on free school meals. We are in the midst of an unprecedented crisis, and the Conservatives have chosen to cut off a lifeline for the poorest children in the country. 

"Communities and businesses who have stepped up where the Government has failed shows where the true heart of this nation lies. The Conservatives must wake up to reality and do the right thing. 

"The Liberal Democrats will keep calling for the Conservatives to do the right thing to ensure vulnerable children do not go hungry in school holidays. We are also fighting for the extension of Free School Meals, so that they go to every child from a family receiving Universal Credit."

Paul Gray, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Havant, added: 

"We are seeing the very best and the very worst of our country at the moment. It is heartening of course to see how so many of us simply cannot turn a blind eye but equally infuriating to see the Conservatives shirk responsibility at a time of national crisis. I honestly never thought I'd see government, either local or national, needing to take lessons in dignity from a professional footballer."  

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