Tories' reckless brinkmanship on UK-EU trade risks livelihoods

Responding to George Eustice's comments on Sophy Ridge on Sunday, suggesting that next week is “a week when things need to move” for the UK and EU to agree to a trade deal, Liberal Democrat Brexit and Trade spokesperson Christine Jardine said:

"Up and down the country people are watching and waiting for the Conservatives to deliver the UK-EU trade deal that they have promised, and that we desperately need. The urgency of this situation could not be clearer.  


"Yet, with just weeks until the end of the transition period, the Tories' reckless brinkmanship continues to put people's livelihoods and vital supply chains at risk. Our economy is already in crisis due to Covid-19. We need absolute reassurance that Ministers will not take our economy over a new cliff edge.  


"Liberal Democrats are calling on Ministers to put the national interest first and secure the closest possible trading relationship with Europe - our largest trading partner. The Prime Minister must also restore our international reputation by permanently removing those parts of the Internal Market Bill which break international law."


Paul Gray, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Havant, added: "easiest deal in history," "no downsides" "they need us more than we need them," "cake and eat it." 


Lies. All blatant lies. 


Either this government now delivers all that it promised Brexit would be or history will forever condemn them as contemptuous con artists. If they are unable to deliver that , the British public will never forgive them for the fraud committed against us.  

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