Wilf Forrow - Hayling East

Wilf Forrow is standing as the Havant Borough Council Liberal Democrat candidate in Hayling East.

I’ve been an islander for 45 years, 15 of them as a 3rd Hayling scout leader.

My 3 boys all went to Hayling schools.  I am a retired IT services manager, and now I devote my time to politics, climate change and cycle campaigning with Cycle Hayling and Cycling UK.

The Tory monopoly has failed us in Havant and at Westminster.

They're letting developer profits drive thousands more houses, changing the island's character more than tweaking a few road junctions can fix.

And they’re not serious about tackling climate change, or about building cycle paths that would help relieve some of our existing traffic, noise and air pollution, enhance our community, and make us healthier.

It’s time the Tories were challenged, locally and at Westminster.

It’s time for a party that BELIEVES IN BETTER.  

Vote Lib Dems and Wilf Forrow for Hayling East.

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