Hayling East - Wilf Forrow

Wilf Forrow is standing as the Havant Borough Council Liberal Democrat candidate in Hayling East.

I’m a Green LibDem, passionate about protecting Hayling and its environment, a core member of Havant Climate Alliance and treasurer of Havant Friends of the Earth.  I’m on the committee of Hayling Island Residents Association, and an active campaigner for active travel with Cycle Hayling, writing the Cycle Hayling column in the Hayling Herald.

I’ve been an islander for 46 years, 15 as a 3rd Hayling Scout Leader, and my 3 boys all did brilliantly out of Hayling schools.  My varied career in IT services has given me considerable technical and business experience. 

Above all, I’ve learned not to trust the Tory blind faith in capitalism nor Labour’s dogmatic objection to it.  I believe in harnessing the enormous creative power of entrepreneurs and business, but retaining much better public control.  Only Liberal Democrats can get the best of both worlds.

Havant Borough Council is a Conservative one-party state. That’s not democratic, or healthy.  They are wrecking Hayling’s environment, and letting developers build the wrong homes in the wrong places. 

Under our “Winners Take All” voting system, all 6 of Hayling’s councillors are Conservative, despite nearly 50% of voters voting for someone else every year.

YOU can change that.  Please lend LibDems your vote this year, to give the Tories some decent opposition at last.

Green LibDems – For a Fair Deal.

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