Why we as young people need to vote in local elections

Local elections are coming up in May and as Millenials or Gen Zers, it's our chance to make our voices heard. We may have lost our voices in being heard over Brexit or the last few national elections but it doesn't mean we can't make an impact locally. 

Why vote in local elections?

In all honesty, before Brexit, I really only used to vote in national elections. I didn't really see how local elections had much of an impact on me and so why did it matter whether I voted or not? 

But after living under a Lib Dem council, I saw the impact that they could achieve locally. This included having decent recycling facilities, holding local community events and ensuring that sports clubs were available to adults and children at an affordable price during the school holidays. 

I then moved to the Havant area where the council is run by the Tories and we have none of these things. We have very poor recycling facilities and not a lot available to the local community. Our local council didn't even declare a climate emergency when many other Hampshire councils did!

It made me realise that we need to do more locally to create a better community and society for us all. Not only that but we need to start taking climate change more seriously as it's our generations that are going to be seriously impacted by it. 

We need change locally

  • We need to build a better local community whether it's for support or to improve our high streets. 
  • We need to get better at recycling, looking after our green spaces and protecting the environment. 
  • We need to stand against inequality and create a fairer and equal society for all. 
  • We need to look after our NHS and ensure that everyone gets the health care and support they need. 
  • We need to ensure that everyone has access to local mental health support services, especially as times are tough in the pandemic. 
  • We need opportunities for everyone to gain an education and jobs. 
  • We need to fight climate change for our futures. 
  • We need to ensure that our generations have the opportunity to purchase our own homes so we're not left in a neverending cycle of renting. 

We desperately need change from the Tories with people that actually care about our futures. And the best way we can do that currently is by ensuring that we get our voices heard in these local elections

What can you do to help? 

  • Join a local political party - we love volunteers and you can really help us make a difference!
  • Register to vote - you have until 20th April to do this and you can also register for a postal vote
  • Vote! - Local elections are being held on 6th May this year. Please make sure you use it!

We need to make change now, not just for us but for future generations. So make sure you use your voice for your future!

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