Alan Mak MP votes for ‘concrete cover-up’ to hide list of schools and hospitals in state of disrepair

20 Oct 2023
Philippa Gray

Alan Mak is being accused of a ‘concrete cover-up’ after they voted against a Liberal Democrat amendment which would have forced the Government to publish a register of schools and hospitals in [AREA] that are not fit for purpose

The Lib Dem amendment to the Levelling Up Bill would have forced the Government to publish a full register of schools and hospitals in Havant Borough, the surrounding area and across the country that are in a state of serious disrepair; including schools and hospitals affected by aero-concrete (RAAC) and asbestos. 

This list would have to be published within one month of the bill passing and regularly updated on a three-month basis with up-to-date information. 

In August, the Government found themselves engulfed in a RAAC crisis which forced schools to close days before returning from their summer break.

Despite this, 301 Conservative MPs including Alan Mak voted this week (Tuesday 17 October) to cover-up the full list of schools and hospitals that could follow suit and hide important information about the state of buildings from the public. 

It comes following Rishi Sunak blocking plans to rebuild hospitals that were falling apart and rejecting pleas by Department of Education officials for an extra £900 million a year for school funding in the 2021 Spending Review during his tenure as Chancellor. 

Philippa Gray, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Bedhampton, said:

“It’s shameful that Alan Mak and this Conservative Government has once again chosen to cover-up information from their constituents rather than be transparent.

“Their refusal to be honest and their continued efforts to hide this information is shocking; in Havant Borough, we have a right to know if our schools and hospitals are liable to collapse or filled with toxic asbestos. 

“If Alan Mak won’t fight for adequate funding to repair our schools and hospitals, the least they can do is tell constituents which buildings are affected.

“This is just another example of Alan Mak and this Conservative Government taking people in Havant Borough for granted and playing them for fools.”