Southern Water discharging raw sewage to our harbours

23 Jun 2022

Raw Sewage Continues to be dumped

Southern Water made a staggering £138.8m profit in 2021, despite dumping sewage in the Solent, Langstone, Chichester Harbours.

Liberal Democrats demand ‘Sewage Tax’ to clean up local rivers 
New analysis by the Liberal Democrats has revealed Britain’s nine water companies made a total £2.8bn in combined operating profits in 2020/2021. 

Budds Farm

The water companies making billions in profit were responsible for nearly 400,000 sewage dumping events in 2020 alone, according to the Environment Agency. 
The Liberal Democrats are demanding a ‘Sewage Tax’ of 16% on water companies to create an emergency fund for cleaning up rivers. 
Paul Gray, Havant Liberal Democrats Spokesperson and Liberal Democrat candidate for Hayling West, said:
“It is disgraceful to see a company which pollutes our local rivers with sewage make so much money last year. I think Southern Water should pay to clean up the mess they make here. 
“This Conservative Government is just letting Southern Water get away with it. The Government is taking us for granted and doing nothing to protect our local rivers.

Leader of the Liberal Democrats Ed Davey MP said:
“Given their poor record on sewage, the water industry’s staggering profit numbers will alarm millions of people who care about our environment.
“A big chunk of these profits should have been reinvested to protect Britain’s streams and rivers, instead of letting disgusting sewage dumps continue. The whole thing stinks. 
“Our precious rivers, beaches and chalk streams are under threat from these sewage offences. 

“Conservative Ministers are sitting on their hands and just letting water companies get away with it. 
 “It is time to act. The water companies should pay to clean up their mess and Ministers should pass the laws to make it happen”